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Big data to big impact: redefining chronic disease with real-world evidence

The Low Carb Program is a behaviour change platform for people with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and obesity that is redefining metabolic health. Peer-reviewed, published outcomes demonstrate that the Low Carb Program is more effective than first-line medication for type 2 diabetes - and what's more, it places the condition into remission for 26% of patients at 1-year. Localized in three markets, the platform is incentivizing wellness and providing hope to over 380,000 patients through insurance companies, health agencies and National Health Services.

The talk will explore how the Low Carb Program is augmenting traditional healthcare - and the concerns, intertias, ethics and considerations encountered as DDM develop a new form of medication - digital therapeutics; and how real-world evidence is rewriting the clinical textbooks.

About Arjun

Arjun Panesar is the founding CEO and Head of AI at Diabetes Digital Media (DDM) with over a decade of experience with intelligent health systems and big data. Arjun started DDM during his first year of a Masters in Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College London. Today, Arjun leads DDM's transformation of population health provision through empowering patients with evidence-based digital education and wearable technologies. Through the use of innovative engagement and real-world big data on over 1.2 million members, DDM is redefining the understanding of chronic disease and wellness with pioneering peer-reviewed, published health outcomes and retention. Outcomes for DDM's Low Carb Program demonstrate 1 in 4 patients who complete the program place type 2 diabetes into remission - a disease that once was considered chronic and progressive. Arjun is an author on the topic of Machine Learning and AI in Healthcare and Advisor to the Information School, University of Sheffield.

Arjun Panesar